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Staffing Agency Performance Scorecard Template (Free Download)


How to setup metrics to measure your staffing agency's performance. Here is a free template to download and use for yourself. Not to be reproduced and recirculated especially on the Internet.Read More

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What are preferred or approved vendor lists in Staffing or MSPs


When large companies need to hire temps or contractors often, they select a few suppliers, negotiate and create a ‘preferred vendor list’ or an ‘approved vendor list’ so they can leverage their higher volumes to make it more cost effective, efficient and Read More

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The best freelancer marketplaces by category


There are hundreds of freelancer marketplaces and no great source to tell you which ones are good. So we created this exhaustive list of the best marketplaces.Read More

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The best job boards for contract jobs


There are thousands of job boards and candidates may use one or many depending on what they are familiar with or just looking up on the Internet. Often the top job boards aren't necessarily the right job boards.Read More

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What are crowdsourced staffing and recruiting platforms


Crowdsourced Staffing is a generic term to describe companies using mobile phone apps or websites to source workers from the public ('Crowd'). They use these ‘Crowdsourced’ workers instead of traditional full-time employees to do the company's work.Read More

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Candidate Experience and Engagement for Staffing Agencies


Candidate experience and engagement is one of the most critical, most misunderstood and most under appreciated in the staffing industry. While candidate engagement could mean different things to different people we feel it can be categorized in the followRead More

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Best On-Demand Staffing Platforms


Uber has made on-demand labor mainstream. Most businesses and customers now expect to be able to press a button and summon help. On-Demand Platforms help job seekers connect with business or people that want to hire them.Read More

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Everything you ever wanted to know about MSPs in Staffing


Everything you ever wanted to know about MSPs but were afraid to askRead More

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Top MSPs in Staffing


There are several Staffing MSPs in the US. Most of them have some history as a staffing agency themselves. As they take on the role of managing multiple staffing agencies they tend to have to become a neutral MSP. Here are the top ones in the US today.Read More

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Sample Contract MSA between Staffing Agency-Client


If you are just starting a staffing agency or running a recruiting firm and need a good sample contract to sign up with a customer, use this tried and tested contract. All freeRead More

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Contract Job- What does that mean


Contract jobs are jobs for which a company hires someone temporarily. Companies hire contractors if they feel the worker is required only for a short time. So instead of hiring someone as an employee and having to fire them a few months later, the companyRead More

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Self-sourcing is complementary not an alternative to staffing agencies


Self-sourcing while a great temp staffing strategy to reduce cost and increase quality can only be a alternative to staffing agencies and never a full replacement.Read More

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The Best Recruiting Agencies for Startups in Silicon Valley


Startups don't have the time of resources to hire recruiters to do their hiring. Its also usually hard for an early stage startup to convince engineers at top companies with cushy jobs, stock options and mortgages to give up that security and plunge into Read More

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Best Recruiting Agencies for DevOps for Silicon Valley startups


Not all recruiting agencies recruit for all skills especially in competitive Silicon Valley. These are the best recruiting agencies that specialize in recruiting DevOps engineers for startups in Silicon ValleyRead More

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Discrimination Harassment and Social Media Policies for Contractors


discrimination-harassment-social-media-policies-for-contractorsRead More

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Why companies are self sourcing staffing


As MSPs struggle to offer value Contingent Staffing Managers are going back to the basics and starting to source contractors on their own.Read More

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Best Staffing Agencies in New York


Best staffing agencies in New YorkRead More

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Best Staffing Agencies in Chicago


Best-Staffing-Agencies-in-ChicagoRead More

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5 strategies for companies to start self-sourced staffing for contingent workers


With increased focus on self-sourcing staffing and procurement's charter to find the next big avenues of cost saving, here are 5 ways companies can start self sourcing their contractors and temps.Read More

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Why staffing agencies should fear Freelancer Management Systems


Freelancer Management Systems seen to be gaining quite a bit of press but most staffing agencies haven't even heard of them. Why should they worry about them?Read More

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What is a bench marketer in staffing?


If you are a staffing recruiter or contractor, you've probably heard of the term bench marketer. We explain here what it means.Read More

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How to reduce H1B visa abuse


Some of the most high profile and successful companies in the US are lobbying for an increase in the 65,000 quota of H1B visas each year. There is a simple way to solve this problem.Read More

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Uber's Profit Impact if it is an Employer


The Labor commission decided in favor of a driver declaring that Uber should be considered an employer. How would this impact Uber's profit?Read More

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Cost Calculator for Staffing Agency


You may have just discovered the client’s bill rate and feel you are getting screwed by your employment/staffing agency, but have you considered all the costs your staffing agency incurs to place you at the client? Read More

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What you don't know about Contract Jobs


Many job seekers are unfamiliar with contract jobs and are surprised to learn how they are different. Here are the most common things that they don't expect but encounter. Hope this helps you prepare for the difference between a full-time job and a contraRead More

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Best Staffing Agencies of Silicon Valley


Wondering how high tech companies like Google, Apple and startups like Uber and AirBnB get to hire fast, ramp up quickly and stay nimble in a talent battle for the best engineers?Read More

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Why most recruiter calls are from India


If you've uploaded a resume on a job board recently, chances are your first few calls came from a recruiter from India, Why is this?Read More

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Contract Jobs- What does that mean?


If you are in the market seeking a new job and came across a contract job and don't know what it means, here is a beginner's guide to contract jobs and contracting. Read More

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How H1b Visas Reduce Offshoring


Easing the process to obtain H1b visas actually reduce a US company's motivation to outsource offshoreRead More

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Staffing agencies can differentiate themselves


In times where 60% of large companies have implemented Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and staffing agencies don't even get to talk to the hiring manager, it is quite clear that staffing agencies are commoditized and struggling to differentiate Read More

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What is MSP or VMS in staffing?


What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and what is a Vendor Management System (VMS) in temp staffing? If you work as a recruiter, contractor or hiring manager in staffing, you are bound to come across these terms. Here's a primer on them.Read More

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Why Infosys TCS Wipro need to hire more Americans


As the biggest Indian IT services companies aspire to become global players it is important they attempt to hire more locals- for business reasons and just to be a good citizens.Read More

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Effects of Microsoft contingent worker policy changes


Why Microsoft may be changing its new vendor policy and why it may be good at least for a-dash temp workers.Read More

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Pros and Cons: Freelancer vs Contractor


What is the difference between a freelancer and a contractor? What are the pros and cons?Read More

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Is yours a 20th century resume?


As times have changed, what was once considered normal is now looked at in wonder. Job seekers should reconsider what should go in and stay out of the resume.Read More

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Why is it hard to find a contract job?


Almost every Fortune 1000 company hires contractors, consultants or independent contractors but it is almost impossible to find good information about these jobs.Read More

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How to land a contract gig at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google


Every college kids dreams of working at on these big tech companies. However it may not be easy if you didn't graduate top your class at an Ivy League college. This guide shows you how you can still find a job albeit short term contract at one of these awRead More

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Game Tester Survival Guide (External) (external)


An excellent balanced piece on contract QA work (for game testing) and more specifically how to get into it, and what to expect going in written by someone who's been through it. Read More

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How to keep more of your bill rate (external)


Found your own contract job? You can keep almost 92% of your bill rate. Let OnContracting payroll you through its network of approved staffing partners. Read More

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Getting a Dream (Temp) Job at Apple


How to get that dream job at Apple. Hint- Start as a tempRead More

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Top 10 phone interview questions


Getting ready for a telephone interview. Here is a list of the top 10 interview questions you are most likely to get.Read More

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Get Ready, Jobs are Coming


Historic data suggests temp jobs pick up the most speed from the first to the third week of January every year.Read More

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Interview- Front-End Engineer (external)


The following is a post by Philip Walton (@philwalton) on css-tricks. Philip recently went through a slew of interviews for front-end jobs at tech companies in the Bay Area and found them to be not what he expected.Read More

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Be Picky About Your First Job


Advice for fresh graduates about first jobRead More

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The Government Shutdown and the Rise of Contract Jobs


Comparing developments in the government sector to private sector in light of the shutdown and furloughsRead More

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Recruiter Guide to H1-B Work Visa


Quick primer on the H1-b work visas for Recruiters, HR Managers and H1-B ContractorsRead More

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Anatomy of a perfect technical interview (external)


As the former Technology VP for both Amazon and Zynga, Neil Roseman interviewed hundreds of people and believes every phase of the process needs to be meticulously designed to drill deep into skill sets, actual accomplishments, culture fit and leadership Read More

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How to Get Government Contracting Jobs?


Getting government contracting jobs is not that easy. But if you are an owner of a small business there is an opportunity for you to get the contracts. All you need to do is prove yourself eligible to the United States Small Business Administration for thRead More

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Review of ATSs for staffing agencies (External) (external)


More and more recruiters today are turning towards complex Applicant Tracking Systems to compare, evaluate, and approach potential candidates.Read how today’s front-running ATSs stack up.Read More

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How to really get a job at Google


Trying to get hired by Google? Forget The Internship. Read this for secret tips on getting into Google. Read More

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How To Write The Perfect Job Description


Looking for the perfect candidate? Here is a great article aimed at employers in 2013 who need advice and inspiration to write a modern job description.Read More

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What Are You Marketing As A Freelancer


As you enter the world of freelancing you can either do it as an independent or you can turn this experience into a huge business venture. The end result is all up to you.Read More

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Get a job at your dream company


Want to work at one of the 100 Best Companies to work for or similarly desirable company but keep getting ‘Dear John’ rejection letters or never hear back from the recruiter? Fortunately there’s a greatly underlooked way on how to get a job with your dreRead More

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The 5 Types of Recruiters


A high level primer of the different types of recruiters you may encounter in your job search.Read More

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What Engineers look for in Jobs


Get in your candidate's mind and you have a better chance to successfully recruit themRead More

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Reason for 89% of new-hire failures


In his book ‘Hiring for Attitude’, author Mark Murphy’s shocking results from tracking 20,000 new hires over a 3 year period claims 89% of failures were not due to lack of skills but what he calls ‘Attitude’ problems of the employees Read More

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OnContracting goes to San Francisco


OnContracting presents to top investors in San FranciscoRead More

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Facebook takes on LinkedIn for jobs


Facebook takes on LinkedIn's bread and butter by entering the jobs space. Will this work? Read More

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Why Companies hire Contractors?


Unlike many countries, the US has an “at will employment” policy which means an employer can hire or fire an employee (or the employee can leave) at any time with no liability or obligations. So why do companies hire contractors if it is so easy to hire aRead More

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Most Common Consultant Mistakes


Consulting is a great alternative if you don't like being tied to a cube. Here are some common mistakes that consultants often make which you should avoid.Read More

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Quintessential - A great job resource


Quintessential Careers is the ultimate career, job, and college site, offering comprehensive free expert career and job-hunting advice (through articles, tools, tips, samples, and tutorials), as well as serving as a directory of links to all the best job Read More

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What is an SDET ?


If you are a software developer looking for a contract or full-time job with companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc., you have probably been approached by enough recruiters that asked you if you would be interested in working as an SDET ?Read More

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Technical Interview- Preparation Guide


Have an upcoming SDE, SDET interview and need to prepare? While we can't make you smart overnight, we can definitely help you be prepared for the the kinds of things that are tested and the kind of questions you can expect.Read More

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