Rate Calculator for Staffing Agency

May 31st, 2015
Rate Calculator for Staffing Agency

Here are the typical costs and calculations for a staffing agency and the profit they make on a contract worker. Job seekers can use this to calculate an hourly contracting rate by understanding how a staffing agency would price them. You can also use this for salary conversions when you go from contract to fulltime or vice versa. When you go fulltime expect that the company can afford at least the total amount they are paying the vendor. Recruiters/Staffing Agencies/Contractors - Bookmark this page to quickly quote rates to your clients. If you want to keep more of your bill rate, try to find a client yourself and use us to find a payroll vendor at that company that will only charge a 10% markup over costs.
Note: Costs are for a staffing agency in Bellevue, WA. Overhead costs (operating costs, job board subscriptions, sales and recruiter salaries) are assumed to be 13%. Staffing agencies have different policies around paid vacation, holidays and medical benefits. You can enter your own numbers in the white cells, if your location, taxes and costs are different.

Enter the Bill Rate the client pays and what you get paid by the Staffing Agency to see what the Staffing Agency Makes.

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