Facebook takes on LinkedIn for jobs

Nov 15th, 2012
Facebook takes on LinkedIn for jobs

Facebook has launched a job-hunting app in hopes that its network of more than 1 billion users will help people find their next career opportunity.


The Social Jobs app announced on Wednesday is a result of Facebook’s year-old partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, DirectEmployers Association, and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies. The app has job listings from other online job boards like BranchOut, DirectEmployers Association, Work4Labs, Jobvite and Monster.com. Right now, users can browse through more than 1.7 million openings. A ticker at the top of the app shows the exact number of available jobs.


That said, Facebook isn’t actually hosting the job listings. At launch, the app functions more as an aggregated search tool than anything else. Users can find jobs through the app, but once they try to learn more about a job, it points them to another app. The Work4Labs listings, for example, often links back to the hiring company’s Facebook page. If someone wanted to apply for the Head of Lighting position at Cirque Du Soleil, the new Social Jobs app would link to the Cirque Du Soleil hiring page on Facebook. The user would have to access the separate Work4Labs app if they wanted to see if anyone in their network could refer them. Should they want to apply, they would get pointed all the way back to Cirque Du Soleil’s official website.


This is great news for everyone except LinkedIn.
Jobboards now get their jobs on a social network- essentially making them social
Jobseekers see their personal connections in companies that have jobs. Though underestimated, referrals are often the biggest and best source for jobs- even more than job boards.
LinkedIn is pressured to remain honest and not price gouge.
The all round availability of candidates (and chaos) makes the sales ability and relationship building of recruiters more valuable increasing the demand for recruiters.

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