Technical Interview- Preparation Guide

Jan 24th, 2012
Technical Interview- Preparation Guide

Have an upcoming SDE or SDET interview and need to prepare? While we can't make you smart overnight, we can definitely help you be prepared for the the kinds of things that are tested and the kind of questions you can expect.


Want to prepare for a Technical Interview?

Free Online Books

Online courses/classes/lectures:

Stanford Online Library:

UC Berkeley:

Stanford CS 161: design and Analysis of Algorithms (full course- will take hours):

Stanford 5 week online course

MIT: Introduction to Algorithms course:

Google Code University:



Interview Questions


ASP.Net interview questions;    

Hanselman's blog  :

What great .Net developers ought to know (More ASP.Net questions)

and if you didnt see the link in his blog.. more questions to practice


Q&A from StackExchange:


Linked List Problems and Solutions:


Misc collection


Good collection of technical interview questions (some answers):


Actual Technical Interview Questions (questions only):


Our local Nikhil Singhal's blog on programming interviews: Introduction to Technical Interviews


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