Technical Interview- Preparation Guide

Apr 24th, 2012
Technical Interview- Preparation Guide

Need to prepare for a Microsoft or Google SDE or SDET interview?
Here's a few links to interview resources to get you started. While applicable to full-time interviews these are common to contractor interviews too. The only difference between full-time and contract is that contract interviews may be 2-3 hrs while full time interviews usually consist of 5 interviews.


Want to prepare for a Technical Interview (and have some time)?

Free Online Books

Online courses/classes/lectures:

Stanford Online Library:

UC Berkeley:

Stanford CS 161: design and Analysis of Algorithms (full course- will take hours):

Stanford 5 week online course

MIT: Introduction to Algorithms course:

Google Code University:



Interview Questions (Cheat Sheet)


Hanselman's blog  :

What great .Net developers ought to know (More ASP.Net questions)

Q&A from StackExchange:

Linked List Problems and Solutions:

Good collection of technical interview questions (some answers):

Actual Technical Interview Questions (questions only):

Our local Nikhil Singhal's blog on programming interviews: Introduction to Technical Interviews


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