Quintessential - A great job resource

Nov 3rd, 2012
Quintessential -  A great job resource

Just want to point users to a fellow Washingtonian job resource that we didn't know about earlier. It is really exhaustive and has plenty of resources to help you find your perfect job or even general job advice.


Quint's Mission: To provide the content, tools, and motivation to empower people to achieve their educational goals, find their true career passion, obtain their ideal job, and be successful at their work.


Quintessential Careers is the ultimate career, job, and college site, offering comprehensive free expert career and job-hunting advice (through articles, tools, tips, samples, and tutorials), as well as serving as a directory of links to all the best job sites. Special sections for teens, college students, and all other job-seekers (by industry, geography, and job-seeker type) make this site a comprehensive resource for all.


Now in its 16th year and with more than 5,200 pages of career and job-hunting content, Quintessential Careers: College, Careers, and Job Guide



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