About Us

OnContracting is an online community and marketplace that helps professionals find temporary contract jobs at great local companies by giving them hard to find and insider information about which staffing agencies place contractors at which companies and helping them connect with the best of them to get those jobs.



We crowdsource hard to find information like which companies hire what skills and which staffing agencies or consulting companies they use. We also crowdsource rates that contractors made and reviews about how it is to work for a staffing company or client. We then collate this information and present it an easily digestable fashion

Job seekers looking for contract jobs can see what their options are, self-select the best opportunities and avoid the 'applying to a black hole' that are job boards or getting hundred of irrelevant calls from companies or jobs they are not interested in.



It is difficult for contractors to get information on contracting opportunities because of the non-transparency in the staffing business. Most large companies that hire contractors do so through mostly unknown staffing companies and don't disclose this information. The staffing companies don’t advertise because their clients don't allow their names to be used in job ads or they don't want their competitors to know about it.


This makes finding a contract job very different and more difficult than finding a full-time job. While there are plenty of great resources like company websites, review and salary sites to research full-time jobs there are no such resources for contract jobs.


Contractors have to rely on their limited networks, or apply 'blind' to outdated jobs, rarely hear back and often can't talk to a recruiter- let alone build a relationship and have very limited information on the client, staffing company, rates to decide what's best for them.