OnContracting is an online directory of staffing agencies that helps jobseekers find temporary contract jobs by giving them insider information like which staffing agencies place contractors at which client companies as most of these jobs aren't published publicly.



It is difficult for contractors to get information on contracting opportunities because large companies hire contractors through staffing companies but do this hiring secretly. The staffing companies don’t advertise these jobs because their clients don't allow their names to be used in job ads or they don't want their competitors to know about it.


This makes finding a contract job very different than finding a full-time job. While full-time jobs are widely advertised on company's career sites, job boards, job reviews sites, there are no such resources for contract jobs.


Contractors don't get to see contract jobs that are available with companies, have to apply blindly on job boards without knowing who the client is, or if the job posting is real, if the job poster really has a job, or if they are a sub-contractor, or just collecting resumes. They rarely hear back after applying, and if they do - don't know what rates might be fair, what to expect on the job and if the staffing agency is any good. This lack of information makes it impossible for them to decide what's best for them.



OnContracting crowdsources this information about which companies hire what skills and through which staffing companies from contractors that have worked there. We also crowdsource hourly rates, reviews and how it is to work for a staffing company or client. 

With OnContracting, job seekers looking for contract jobs can now see what their options are, self-select the best staffing agencies and avoid applying to a black hole that are job boards or answering hundreds of irrelevant calls from companies or jobs they are not interested in.



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