About Us

OnContracting is the US staffing industry's largest and most transparent directory of contractors, staffing, employment and recruiting agencies for contract jobs at their Fortune 1000 client companies.



Almost 50% of many Fortune 1000 companies' workforce today are contract workers. Finding these onsite contract jobs are difficult because companies hire contractors through thousands of large, small, niche or location specific staffing agencies or outsourced providers. However companies don't like to publicise this information, leading to non-transparency and inefficiency.

Job seekers struggle to discover which companies hire from which staffing agencies, which staffing agencies are good vs. scams, which agencies hire for what skills.


With over a million visitors, OnContracting crowdsources information about how contractors landed contract jobs at these top companies. We curate and present this information so any future job seekers can find the most appropriate staffing agencies and recruiters based on their skills, location and clients instead of wasting time applying blindly to jobs on job boards.



OnContracting.com is run by Pradeep Chauhan and is based in Los Altos, CA. This site is free so all we ask if you find a job through this site, is that you tell your company you found them here and drop us a tip. We'd appreciate it.


The Future of Work is Contracting

We are building this because we believe

That the full-time job, 9-5, permanent job model is broken.

That jobs will evolve into flexible and short work contracts.

That companies will let workers choose full-time, part-time or contract work depending on their life situation or preference.

That a platform exist where companies and workers can find each other easily.

That a transparent & efficient labor marketplace is good for everyone.

That technology can help make contracting feasible.