About Us

OnContracting is the largest directory of US Staffing Agencies. We help  job seekers find the best staffing agencies that can place them in contract jobs at their favorite companies. We also help companies identify the best staffing agencies in a very crowded industry.



Almost 50% of many large companies' workforce are contractors (contingent labor). However, companies and staffing agencies are secretive about these positions and don't post these jobs on their career pages or on job boards. 

As a result job seekers struggle to discover which client companies are hiring, and through which staffing agencies and for what skills. By giving jobseekers this inside information about the staffing industry, we bring some equity to the information imbalance.


OnContracting crowdsources this inside information about how contractors land contract jobs at companies from millions of visitors who contribute this information to the site. We curate and present this information so future job seekers can easily find the most appropriate staffing agencies based on their city, preferred client companies and skills they posses.



OnContracting.com is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. This site is always free to job seekers.

If you are a staffing agency, get listed for a small fee and start attracting the best talent and new clients.

Large companies can start self sourcing contractors, find new staffing agencies to add to your preferred vendor list or invite to your RFP.


The Future of Work is Contracting

We believe the full-time 9-5 'permanent' job model will soon be broken. That jobs will evolve into flexible and shorter contracts. That companies will let workers choose full-time, part-time or contract work depending on their life situation or preference. That a transparent & efficient contract labor marketplace is good for everyone. That our site can help make a contracting career better.