Why most recruiter calls are from India

May 12th, 2015
Why most recruiter calls are from India

Resumes and Job Boards are broken

Resumes on jobs boards only speak to the education and job responsibilities of the job seeker. Before employers consider you, they need to find out your salary expectation, performance, relocation, soft skills, peer recommendations to decide whether to move forward. This is very labor intensive work that is most cost effective if done offshore. India has a trained, technical and English speaking population that has made it ideal for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) just as it did for tech support and customer service.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Staffing Recruiting in India

If you upload your resume on a job board, you are going to get calls from a number of India based recruiters. If you are wondering why, here are some of the major reasons.

A small segment are full-time hiring employers are increasingly leveraging outsourced RPO firms to do the first round of screening and filtering- after they use machine learning software to read and reject the bulk of applicants.

Then there are the top tier consulting companies like Accenture, Deloitte, Infosys and Wipro hire thousands of subcontractors from 2nd and 3rd tier IT staffing companies as they have a hard time filling these roles with their own fulltime employees. Many of these sub-contracting companies find it more cost effective to conduct their recruiting from India.

Lastly, Indian-American owned staffing companies that are now very important players in the US staffing industry, partly because they get special advantages in supplying contractors to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies because of their diversity-owned status and their strong pool of H1b visa consultants. These companies do the bulk of their US recruiting through recruiters in India.

So if you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, you will encounter and need to deal with Indian recruiters. It is true that there are a lot of very inexperienced and unprofessional recruiters that can be very curt and aggresive since they are hiding behind an anonymous telephone number, but there are also a lot of good recruiters that can actually help you get great positions. You just need to be able to filter out the good recruiters from the bad.

How to deal with Recruiters

The best way to separate the good recruiters from the bad (for Indian or any other recruiter) is as follows

If it is a contract position, ask them if they are a direct vendor to the end-client and who the end client is?

If not convinced they are a direct vendor, ask them who their implementation partner is?  If they say they are working through an implementation partner like HCL or Tech Mahindra, they are a subcontractor that is going to submit you along with lots of other candidates for a referral fee. Don’t bother or don’t expect anything to come out of these recruiters in a majority of cases

The best recruiters work for reputed companies. If their company is listed on OnContracting along with a list of clients, this means they are a verified staffing agency and they are the best option for you to get a contract job directly.

The better recruiters will get straight to the point and not waste any time with small talk. They won't hesitate in telling you about the client, the skills that are required, the rate they can pay, that they will submit you directly to the client and how soon you can expect feedback or an interview.

Look for such staffing agencies and highly recommended recruiters on OnContracting to save yourself the trouble.

Good luck!

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