5 strategies for companies to start self-sourced staffing for contingent workers

Jul 21st, 2016
5 strategies for companies to start self-sourced staffing for contingent workers

With increased focus on self-sourcing staffing and procurement's charter to find the next big avenues of cost saving, here are 5 ways companies can start self sourcing their contractors and temps.

1. Post their open requisitions on their career pages or their MSPs publically

2. Sign up for OnContracting- the most authoritative vendor directory for US companies and which staffing agencies they use and siclose your preferred vendor list

3. Consider freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr to find new talent so you can access worldwide talent

4. Consider using a Freelance Management System which is different than a Freelancer Marketplace and serves as a repository of freelance talent profiles that can be lookedup when required.

5. Create employee referral programs to get contractor referrals from your own employees instead of having them send their friends to staffing agencies.


Things to take care of before launching your self sourced or direct sourcing program for external workers.

Sign up a MSP or PEO company to take care of contract and payment for self sourced contractors and independent contractors so the paperwork is never a hassle

Have an internal contract worker specialist to answer all questions that a typical HR person would do for internal employees or for the staffing agency as there will be times they will be needed.

Be aware that using these freelacners for long term and treating them as employees raises co-employment risk, so track how much you are using them- and if its too much you should probably convert them into employees.

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