What Are You Marketing As A Freelancer

May 13th, 2013
What Are You Marketing As A Freelancer

Being a freelancer gives you the freedom and option for many things. Your business is one of the aspects, and in fact, your main aspect to always stay on top of. Having the freedom that you have as a freelancer, it is important to know how you're marketing your business.

You and your business are what are going to grow and when dealing with clients, it is important to keep the following concerns in mind.

Your Personal Brand

The services you offer may just be something that is completed by an independent person with no employee’s required. If you offer a service such as consulting, you will be the only person to do the consulting. Thus, you are marketing yourself, and you then become a brand.

Instead of marketing something such as “Smith’s Writing Services” you would just be marketing yourself as, “John Smith”. You, yourself will become a brand of its own.

Your Personalized Company

Unlike a personal brand, having a personalized company can help you broaden your audience and clientele. A personalized company is just a business and the business name that has your personal emphasis on it such as “Smith’s Web Development” and “Smith’s Writing Services”, and can all be expanded.

This gives you the ability to grow your company and eventually employ extra staff. Think of it like JP Morgan, now being JP Morgan & Co. Some people don’t even know that the JP Morgan & Co was named after John Pierpont Morgan himself.

A Professional Business Venture

You may want your business to come off to clients as a big company with professional and prompt services. Choosing this route would depend on your market and who you are targeting. Remember that some services and some markets may want to work with a smaller, more independent type business.

However, make sure you analyze your competition and market. If you do choose this route make sure you give clients your personal name as people want to know who they are dealing with.

Getting Started

When you are getting started and are new to the scene, many people like to know who they are working with. Therefore, just begin to use your own name, and offer your services. Doing so, will give you the opportunity to leave a good impression, build a reputation and a good clientele.

 Remember, as a freelancer, you are developing a business and marketing yourself. Whichever route you choose to go, make sure you analyze your market, competition, and overall industry.


Robert is a pharmacist by trade. In his spare time he enjoys graphic design and has several of his own clients. His profile can be found on Enthuse and other freelancing sites.


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