Getting a Dream (Temp) Job at Apple

Jan 17th, 2014
Getting a Dream (Temp) Job at Apple

Many people don't know about the secret back-door that leads directly to Apple's offices at 1 Infinity Loop in Cupertino. Those who do know have been rewarded with a shiny new job at Apple.

Have you applied to a job at Apple through their website and never heard back? What you do next can make all the difference. Most people just forget about it and move on with their lives thinking they never had a chance. However, If you are really passionate about working at Apple, you should not give up so easily.

Enter the little-known world of contract jobs at Apple. Apple hires thousands of contract workers, freelance and consultants to augment their full-time staff, but they only hire through a preferred set of staffing agencies and consulting companies. If you manage to get in as a contractor at Apple, you will be working side-by-side with Apple employees in California on projects as varied as iOS app review, content creation, UI design, QA testing, or procurement. The experience you gain here can be invaluable. It might even open doors to a full-time job at Apple or with companies that are eager to hire people with experience at this renowned company.

But where can you find the best contract jobs at Apple? This used to be hard as staffing and consulting companies are not allowed to advertise Apple’s contract jobs so as to not interfere with Apple’s own full-time hiring. However, OnContracting is on a mission to bring this information to you so you know what your options are and so you can select the agency that is best for you. Connect now with recruiters at Apple's verified staffing agencies in order to get started on your path towards Apple. Don’t forget to mention OnContracting sent you. Good Luck!


Picture credit: (Flickr Creative Commons) Matteo Artizzu

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