The best freelancer marketplaces by category

Jun 9th, 2019
The best freelancer marketplaces by category

There are hundreds of freelancer marketplaces and no great source to tell you which ones are good. So we created this exhaustive list of the best marketplaces based on the number of jobs, freelancers, tpes of clients, pay rates, etc.  Pre-identified gigs for fixed small sums of money- Most categories- Design, SEO, content, etc.

If you've been sleeping under a rock for the last few years and just woke up, this marketplace just turned the industry on its head.The company started out as a place to get someone to do something for $5, hence the name with a misspelling. Soon it became a great alternative to freelance marketplaces because instead of writing a project and getting bids and interviewing people and then selecting them was too cumbersome for small jobs, and this made it easy to see what freelacners claimed to do "Design a logo for $5" -simple enough- here you go! not too bad even if it turns out to be garbage in which case you can ask for a revision or even a refund. The company is so successful, they are going IPO soon. Traditional freelancer marketplace/job board where you post a project and get bids from contractors- Most categories

The 800lb giant of freelancer marketplaces was formed by the merger of two of the largest freelancer marketplaces ODesk and Elance. This company went IPO in 2018 and so is a public company with solid backing compared to most other private marketplaces. But it also means they will need to make more money and which pie does that come from- the same as the freelancers'?




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