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    Job ID 100264
    Title Senior Windows SDET - Kernel
    Hourly Rate $70.00/hr (1099/Corp-Corp)
    Location Seattle WA
    Staffing Company posting job
    Fair Reviews
    Clients Include:
    * Undisclosed.
    Client Company * Undisclosed
    Description Are you excited to working on and debugging the latest operating system? If so, this is the right opportunity for you! You will be responsible for testing different applications, services, and drivers, producing and triaging bug reports, reproducing problems, producing logs and crash dumps, and diagnosing complex issues. You will be debugging hard problems and narrowing down the cause of failure down to the component or module level. The problems you will try to reproduce and debug would include application, service, kernel, firmware, and hardware issues,. You will be dealing with multi-thread timing and locking issues, system hangs, memory and disk corruption, and other challenging problems. In your role, you should be able to instrument code and data as part of the bug investigation. You will be responsible for comprehensively describing and documenting failures in clear terms to enable developers to resolve issues
    Posted on April 01, 2013

    Mak Agashe

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