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    Hanson Consulting Group is a specialty business and IT consulting firm, it connects business, IT and gaming professionals to Seattle and Eastside leading technology, gaming and healthcare business. Its talented team of consultants has a broad range of experience in product, program and business management, marketing, gaming technology, application development and business analysis.
    Hanson Consulting Group provides experienced consultants to companies in Seattle and the Eastside. It specializes in finding the best fit for both its clients and consultants. Each client, project and professional has a unique set of characteristics. It considers all of these factors when choosing its professionals. By tailoring each candidate to the particular talents needed for the client and the project, it favors customization over cookie cutter approaches. At Hanson Consulting Group understands the importance of matching the right professionals with its clients and their projects. It analyzes project’s requirements then finds the consultants with the skills and experience needed to drive the project to completion. No matter the size or length of the project, it has professionals that will meet the needs and budget requirements. Its team of professionals has an average of 10 to 15 years of business, finance and technological experience. It offers innovative, experienced and skilled professionals for a wide variety of positions.
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    Anonymous (other) Rated Excellent
    Reviewed: 08-2015

    Worked last year at Hanson in their office location at Bellevue. Recommend it if you get a chance.

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    Hanson Offices

    • 5400 Carillon Point
      Kirkland WA 98033 USA