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    Overview of contract jobs at T-Mobile

    T-Mobile US (NYSE: TMUS) is the premier challenger in the U.S. wireless industry. It combines the leading value brands T-Mobile and MetroPCS, offering simplicity, unlimited data, and “no surprises” to its customers. The company’s combined spectrum resources are expected to enable at least 20x20 MHz LTE in approximately 90% of top 25 metro areas by 2014+. On May 1, 2013, T-Mobile US started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TMUS.


    Customers: 43 million

    NYSE ticker: TMUS

    Deutsche Telekom maintains a 74% pro forma ownership

    Key Pro Forma Financials: (T-Mobile and MetroPCS Pro Forma 2012 figures)

    Total revenues: $24.8 billion


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    T-Mobile Offices

    • 12920 SE 38th St
      Bellevue WA 98006 US
      (425) 378 4000
    • 12920 SE 38th St
      Bellevue WA 98006 US
      (425) 378 4000
    • 4651 South Blvd
      Charlotte NC 28209 US

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