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    Sprint Corporation is a US telecommunications holding company that provides wireless services and is a major global ISP. Find reviews, contract jobs and staffing agencies of Sprint on this page.

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Good
    Reviewed: 06-2015

    Great benefits, overtime money was good and free phone data.

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Excellent
    Reviewed: 05-2015

    Great training, flexible jobs schedule and a wonderful work/life balance.

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Good
    Reviewed: 04-2015

    Professional yet fun work environment.

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Fair
    Reviewed: 03-2015

    I signed up for a quick temp assignment at Chandler however at that time Sprint offered volunteer layoffs for all employees which was kind of unpredictable for a big company like them.

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    Sprint Offices

    • 6391 Sprint Parkway
      Overland Park KS 66251 US

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