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    RealNetworks delivers digital entertainment to consumers directly and indirectly through business relationships with mobile operators and other businesses around the world. Consumers use our services and software to find, play, purchase and manage free and premium digital content, including music, games and video. Broadcasters, network operators, media companies and enterprises use our products and services to create and deliver digital media to PCs, mobile phones and other consumer electronics devices.

    Technologies: Ajax4J, JSF 1.2/RichFaces, xhtml, Spring MVC 2.5, Eclipse, Oracle Developer, Tomcat 6.x, J2EE 5.0/6.0, Maven, Linux

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    Reviewed: 10-2013

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Good
    Reviewed: 12-2012

    Company hires bundle of contractors and keeps interns on for a long time, employees are treated well here and a lot of support is given to develop your skills in such a way that more responsibility and experience is given to excel. The atmosphere has a positive feel and the co-workers are inspired and intense to work with. It is a great place for temp employees to work here.

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Fair
    Reviewed: 06-2012

    Regular contract job, however company lacks direction

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    Anonymous (Other) Rated Excellent
    Reviewed: 02-2012

    My experience is based on being a vendor. Great location (Belltown, Seattle), friendly people, cool technology. Treat vendors no different than employees. Pay is competitive. Cons- Lack of long term stability as groups keep changing direction.

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    Real Networks Offices

    • 2601 Elliott Avenue
      Seattle WA 98121 US
      206 6742700

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