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    Alaska Airlines is one of the most respected names in aviation and flies throughout its namesake state and the Lower 48, as well as to Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. Our roots date to 1932 and are symbolized by the Eskimo painted on the tails of our aircraft. Guided by what we call the "Alaska Spirit", we pride ourselves on providing a lifeline to remote communities while delivering renowned service to everyone we fly. Alaska is the dominant West Coast airline and, together with its sister carrier Horizon Air, flies to more than 90 destinations. The two airlines are subsidiaries of Alaska Air Group Inc. (NYSE:ALK) with annual revenues of $3.5 billion.


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    Anonymous (other) Rated Good
    Reviewed: 02-2014

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    Anonymous (other) Rated Good
    Reviewed: 12-2012

    Good level of integrity they have strong linked up teams on contract with them, it is one of the best companies to work on contract.

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    Alaska Airlines Offices

    • 19300 International Blvd
      Seattle WA 98188 US
    • 19300 International Blvd
      Seattle WA 98188 US

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