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    Overview of contract jobs at Intuit

    Intuit Inc. is an American software company that develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. It is incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Mountain View, California. It also has offices in Menlo Park, CA,  Tucson, AZ and Plano, TX. Find contract jobs at Intuit, read reviews of its staffing agencies and connect with recruiters here at OnContracting. Intuit hires software engineers, test engineers, IT, finance, analysts and for other skills in Mountain View and San Diego. Intuit's TurboTax HQ is in San Diego. Intuit also has offices in Boston (Waltham)

    "We started small in 1983 with Quicken personal finance software, simplifying a common household dilemma: balancing the family checkbook. Today, we've improved the lives of more than 50 million people, and our annual revenue approaches $4 billion. We're publicly traded with the symbol INTU on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and regularly recognized as one of the best places to work in locations around the world.

    Our Products

    Our flagship products - QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken - define our commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their personal finances, run small businesses and pay employees. Our lineup of tax preparation products helps individuals and small business owners easily and accurately file their own taxes. And working with accountants, we've become a staple of American small business, with a widespread and deep-rooted presence that's second to none.

    But we're much more than that. Today, our expanding portfolio serves customers in North America, Europe, Singapore and India. And our products have evolved from the desktop to the cloud, with many available both online and for mobile devices.

    • provides almost 7 million people with a fresh, easy and intelligent way to manage and save money.
    • Intuit Health's patient portal is helping more than 4.3 million patients and approximately 49,000 doctors in the United States to easily and securely communicate online.
    • Intuit Financial Services makes it easier for 1,900 banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to offer on-demand solutions and services that help some 10.4 million consumers and businesses to manage their money.
    • And Intuit India gives people a faster, better way to view all their finances: Intuit Money Manager. We've also launched Fasal, a new service that gives more than 400,000 farmers up-to-date marketing information to help them get the best price for their crops. The innovation and customer-driven focus that inspired these breakthroughs and alliances leads us to expand further, solve larger problems, and bring new products and services to more people and businesses."

    How to get a contract job at Intuit?
    To get a contract job at Intuit get in touch with a recruiter at one of its preferred staffing or consulting companies listed above. OnContracting develops this preferred vendor list as it seeks to organize the world's information on staffing agencies and contract work.

    What kind of jobs Intuit hires contractors for and what’s involved?
    Intuit hires contractors for many job titles. The most common one are below.
    Administrative Assistant
    "Provide travel and heavy calendaring support, Manage mailbox for group; review & correspond to highly-sensitive material, designated to special projects, evaluate and upload contracts into Ariba, offsite coordination, etc."
    Contract rate: Expect to make $22-28/hr on W2

    Executive Assistant
    "Provide senior level support, arrange complex domestic and international travel, organize executive meetings, WebEx, and videoconference calls, mentor other executive assistants, lead monthly phone and in-person status meetings with the administrative team, maintain the schedule and calendar and liaise with internal and external executives."
    Contractor Rates- $35-45/hr on W2

    Financial Analyst
    "Perform planning and forecasting on a quarterly and monthly basis for products, partner with Product Marketing, Product Development, Corporate Strategy, and Channel Finance teams, work on cross-functional groups to provide financial insights, assist accounting team with transition from standard revenue recognition to ratable revenue recognition principles, and handle revenue recognition."
    Contract Rates- $30-60/hr on W2

    Test/QA Engineer
    "Coordination with the Business analyst and developer in analyzing the user story. Creating the test plan strategy and test cases with the Business requirement and Functional requirement document. Performed Regression, Sanity ,Smoke and User acceptance testing for the Android software platform. Siebel CRM for backend data validation. Involved in end-to-end testing of the Mobile Applications. Involved in testing Intuits mobile apps in android, iPhone and iPad devices. Automation selenium scripts using TestNG and Maven. Used WPT for monitoring the performance of the web pages."
    Contract rate- Expect to make $40-65/hr on W2

    Product Manager
    "Improve acquisition channels and managing various integration items after the company was acquired. Review sign-up flow conversion and redesign the flows for increased conversion efficiency. Launch a new home page design, using a Drupal CMS, Optimize PPC channels, affiliates and resolve many issues with 3rd party vendors. Conduct A/B tests to improve sign-up flow optimization. Review Omniture SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics data. Define roadmaps, document PRDs, MRDs, Visual Specs and working with stakeholders from business, engineering, infrastructure and 3rd party vendors"
    Contractor Rates- $45-75/hr on W2

    UI/UX Designer
    "Collaborate with Marketing, PM and engineer team, design to deliver UX/Visual guideline for company's product, driving design execution throughout the production cycle, ensure UI quality, delivering graphics assets, resolve QA issues. Responsible for development of a new interactive design process to include user research, prototyping and testing. Create wireframes and visual designs for user interface concepts including page layouts, navigation strategies and prototypes for web and mobile products."
    Contract rates- $50-&75/hr on W2

    Software Developer
    "Design and develop the signup flow to facilitate quick signup and increase ROI. Develope API gateway and provide REST API services to clients. Build API gateway using JDK 1.6 to abstract underlying systems and provided asynchronous and caching services using JDK 1.6, Spring 3.x, and ATG components. Build front-end layer using Ruby on Rails framework. Migrate from PHP platform to ATG's J2EE platform and integrated with many external web service clients like License validation system, credit card validation system and address validation system."
    Contractor Rates- $45-75/hr on W2

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    Anonymous (Contractor) Rated Exceptional
    Reviewed: 01-2014

    Almost always ranked among the best places to work Intuit does a good job treating its contractors and temps well too. It

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    Reviewed: 01-2014

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    Anonymous (Contractor) Rated Excellent
    Reviewed: 10-2013

    Great perks, good people- I loved working here. Reduced 1 star because they didn't offer me a full-time job at the end of the contract.

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    Intuit Offices

    • 2700 Coast Avenue
      Mountain View CA 94043 United States
    • 2700 Coast Avenue
      Mountain View CA 94043 United States
    • 7535 Torrey Santa Fe Rd
      San Diego CA 92129 US
    • 180 Jefferson Drive
      Menlo Park CA 94025 US

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