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    Abbott is a fortune 200 company with approximately 69,000 employees worldwide, they remains one of the most far-reaching, diversified healthcare companies today. Their science based offerings in diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and pharmaceuticals are addressing important health needs of people in more than 150 countries. Their diversity of expertise, technology and geography, provides perspective that enables them to have enduring impact on the lives of millions of people across regions and cultures.
    From trusted nutritional brands to industry-leading medical technologies, their products bring innovative care to all stages of life. Diversity is a wonderful source of strength. Abbott draws on our diversity of expertise, geographies and technologies to spur innovation that addresses important health needs at every stage of life.
    At Abbott, their focus is on innovating the future through the development of new health products and patient solutions while upholding the highest standard of ethical practices; enhancing access throughout emerging markets and regions of the world; supporting patient and practitioner needs every step of the way; and safeguarding the environment.

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    Abbott Laboratories Offices

    • 100 Abbott Park Road
      Abbott Park IL 60064-3500 USA
    • 1360 South Loop Road
      Alameda CA 94502 USA
    • 1921 Hurd Drive
      Irving TX 75038 USA
    • 4900 Hopyard Rd
      Pleasanton CA 94588 USA

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