OnContracting is an online directory of staffing companies. Jobseekers can learn about onsite contract jobs at top companies and register their profile and list their skills and indicate their interest in the jobs, staffing agencies or clients they are interested in.



Most large companies hire contractors almost exclusively  through a pool of preferred staffing agencies and vendors that job seekers have never heard of. To avoid publicity, these staffing companies aren't allowed to advertise their client's name when they post these jobs (hence the mysterious job posts that say "our client is a leading tech company").  

Unlike full-time jobs which are widely advertised on company's career sites and job boards, there are no such avenues for contract jobs. Job seekers don't get to see which contract jobs are available with which companies. They have to apply 'blindly', and never know if the staffing company or the job posting is real as they rarely hear back after applying. If they do hear back, they don't know what hourly rates might be fair, what to expect on the job and if the staffing agency is any good. This lack of information makes it hard for them to decide what's best. We try to solve that.



OnContracting crowdsources information about which Fortune 2000 companies hire contractors for onsite jobs (40 hrs/week), for what skills and more importantly through which staffing companies.  

With OnContracting, job seekers can easily see what options they have, self-select the most appropriate clients and staffing agencies and approach them directly- avoiding applying to the job board black holes or answering hundreds of irrelevant calls for jobs they are not interested in.