Best Driver On-Demand Platforms in the Gig Economy

Aug 4th, 2016
Best Driver On-Demand Platforms in the Gig Economy

Digital Algorithmic Labor Marketplaces for Drivers

If you have a car and some spare time, you are in demand and can make some money thanks to the gig economy. On-demand staffing platforms for drivers are one the hottest marketplaces. With the competition for these in-demand drivers, drivers have never had it so good. At least until the self-driving cars take over.

If you are not familar with these platforms, this is how they work. A customer downloads a phone app (like Uber) and presses a button to request a ride, the platform takes the customer's coordinates and pages the best positioned driver on the platform who picks up and takes the customer to his/her destination.

Delivery services do the same thing delivering stuff instead of people. GPS makes requesting the ride easy and hassle-free. No one needs to enter the address of where they are. The platform also takes care of billing and pays the driver automatically without the need for cash to be exchanged. These platform keep ~20% of the fare as commission for providing this service. The driver and customer both benefit by cutting out the taxi company that has high overheads, inefficiencies, and poor customer service of the traditional taxi companies.

So if you are interested in checking these out to make some extra money, here is a list of the top platforms hiring drivers. At the bottom of this article are the generic requirements to work with these services. Check out their sites for exact requirements.


On-Demand Platform

What it offers on platform

Who's the customer

Who's the provider

How Big



Hourly Rates


Rides & Delivery Consumers & Businesses Drivers with cars, SUVs, Limos $60B market value, 185K drivers in US Most cities in the world 1099 $10-28/hr Gross



Drivers with cars, SUVs


Most cities in the world


$10-25/hr Gross

      Image result for luxe

Parking & Valet


No car required


Major US cities



    Image result for grubhub

Food Delivery

Consumers and Restaurants

Drivers with cars


Major US Cities


~$20/hr Gross

      Image result for doordash

Food Delivery from restaurants


Drivers with cars


Major US cities


upto $25/hr Gross

    Image result for instacart

Shopping and Food Delivery

Consumers and Stores

Drivers with cars


Major US Cities

1099 and some shoppers only W2

upto $30/hr Gross

   Image result for postmates images

All kinds of deliveries


Bike, Drivers with cars, etc


Major US cities


~ $25/hr Gross

    Image result for amazon flex

Deliver Amazon Prime packages


Drivers with cars


Seattle, Major cities coming


$18-25/hr Gross

Most of the platforms have a very easy sign on process and if you have a clean background check, can afford a car and basic insurance and can use a smartphone- you are good to start.

The background checks include criminal and driving record checks and are usually something like

Driving Record

  • No major violations (e.g. DUI, reckless driving, or driving with a suspended license)

  • Aged 18 or older with 2+ years driving experience. Some platforms require you to be 21

  • No more than 2 moving violations if aged 21 or older

Background Check

  • No violent crimes

  • No sexual offenses

  • No theft

  • No property damage

  • No felonies

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