How to do SEO marketing for a Staffing Agency website

Nov 19th, 2015
How to do SEO marketing for a Staffing Agency website

There are 17,000 staffing agencies according to Staffing Industry Analysts. Are you still relying on a 1990s style website to attract new business and employees? Is your staffing company website just another template site with no differentiator?

Based on our research, here are the top SEO strategies and free or cheap SEO tools that staffing agencies employ to improve their SEO Ranking. If you work for a staffing agency and are responsible for Search Enginer Optimization or Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM) or to improve your employer branding, these resources are what you need to start.

1. Analyze your website: Discover where you stand in SEO using these free tools:

Seoquake for general statistics on your site, Opensite Explorer for seeing backlinks to your site. Check your site's visitor statistics and SEO marketing progress on Google analytics and through Google webmaster

2. Cover your Basic Social Channels: These may or may not get you more traffic or attention but they are the easiest to do. Get ownership of and leverage your social channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. to direct traffic to your site. Have every employee use your company's social links in their email signature.

3. Create Unique Content: If you can, start generating unique content for your blog or social media channel. Write about interesting things like skills you hire for, benefits you offer, clients you serve, etc. If you are not a good writer find contractors at Don't waste time writing articles that job boards and content sites spew as you will never rank high with them nor will anyone want to read them as that space is oversaturated.

Examples of bad article ideas- How to prepare for an interview, How to deal with a difficult boss, What to wear for an interview.

Examples of Good ideas for articles- Datacenter jobs in Spokane, WA, Call Center jobs in Silicon Valley, How to get a contract job for an airline in Los Angeles.

4. Get backlinks from high authority websites to your website:

Educational Institutes- Sponsor an internship at a local college, hire from the school and get listed on their career site with a backlink to you. You can also explore your local Chamber of Commerce, and get listed on their website.

Free listing exist on Google Local, Indeed and Glassdoor

For the most relevant listing though, get your staffing agency listed on the only Staffing Agency Directory dedicated to jobseekers and companies looking for the right staffing agencies.


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