Find Staffing Agencies Near You

Feb 20th, 2016
Find Staffing Agencies Near You

There are 17,000 staffing agencies, recruiting agencies and temp agencies in the US and an equal number of consulting companies that place contractors, freelancers and temps at small and large clients for full-time, contract, contract-to-hire, part-time and flexible jobs. How do you find the right one for you? As the most exhaustive staffing agency directory in the US, we tell you how to find the best staffing agencies near you.

At OnContracting, we maintain the largest directory of staffing agencies by their specialities and clients. Here are some tips to understand them.

1. Metro area-  In OnContracting, select your metro city name as companies are bucketed by metro areas to make them easy to search. For example - you might live in Sunnyvale, CA but open to looking for jobs in San Jose, CA, Mountain View, CA or Palo Alto, CA. As San Francisco is a little bit far off for most, we've separated San Francisco metro from the South Bay area by calling the South bay area as Silicon Valley, stretching from San Mateo to San Jose.

2. Clients they serve- You might want to lookup which staffing agencies to approach based on the clients they serve. Here is a list of top Fortune 1000 companies that hire contractors and temps in your city. Even though there are hundreds of staffing agencies, many of them won't be relevant to you and you can save time by educating yourself about what they hire for. For example- If you are looking for a Java Developer position at Apple you might want to be aware that there are only 5-10 technical staffing agencies in the bay area that hire for for these roles. You should also be aware that the bar for these roles will be much higher than most other companies.

3. Skill category- If you are not sure about which client to work for or just need a job in a hurry, start looking for staffing agencies that service your category of skills. Lookup the big companies in your city and the staffing agency they use for your category. For example - if you are a registered nurse, you need to find a healthcare staffing agency used by Kaiser Permanente.

4. Size - Large National staffing agencies will usually have more positions but also less time to answer your questions as they work on high volumes. They may often not even respond to your online applications. Smaller agencies might give you more time in understanding your skills, but might not have access to as many positions and may first decide if they want to work with you and then market you to multiple clients. Set your expectations accordingly.

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