Glassdoor for Staffing Agencies

Nov 13th, 2015
Glassdoor for Staffing Agencies

Glassdoor has become the defacto standard for anyone that seeks to understand what its like to work for a company based on employee reviews. However Glassdoor doesn't work for job seekers looking to work as contractors or for staffing agencies trying to improve their employer brand for the reasons listed below.


On the other hand, we at OnContracting, have by focusing exclusively on the temp staffing, contracting and consulting market, OnContracting addresses Glassdoor's shortcomings and is the best alternative to Glassdoor for employment agencies, temp and professional staffing agencies and consulting companies. To put it in perspective- there are only 3-4 places on the Internet that candidates and customers can learn about your company. Would you rather lose a revenue generating candidate or a new customer, than spend $25/month on advertising your company? Subscribe now

Here are the main differences between Glassdoor and OnContracting as you explore contract jobs at your dream companies.

1. Full-time Employee Reviews mixed with Contractor Reviews
In staffing, the employer is the staffing agency, but the actual company where the contractor works is actually the client. A Client company may be a great place for full-time employees but bad for contractors and Glassdoor doesn't distinguish this. For example- If a contractor works as a temp at Google through Adecco (the staffing agency), and is paid a lower hourly rate than a market rate, they may rate Google poorly, but their review is going to be lost among the thousands of reviews and may also incorrectly affect Google's overall rating. On the other hand, if they rate Adecco poorly, no one knows what the basis was. Was it because of the client or was it Adecco's fault.

OnContracting reviews are more meaningful, because this feedback is not diluted by how Google treats it's full-time employees. By disclosing the staffing agency's clients we offer job seekers a better background and understanding of the reviews.

2. Staffing Agencies are a Separate Category than Companies
Glassdoor puts staffing agency's review scores head to head with client companies. This doesn't factor that Staffing Agencies are actually 'agents of companies' and are restricted in how much they can pay based on their Client's pay rate. They can't offer stock options or expensive benefits because the client's rate usually don't allow for it and agencies don't control the duration of the contract or how the Manager treats the contractor. To expect a contractor to rate a staffing agency highly while comparing it directly to a blue-chip Fortune 1000 company is not reasonable.

At OnContracting, we only talk about contract and temp jobs, so contractors are clear they are comparing one staffing agency to another or a contract position at one client company vs. another. This makes it an Apple to Apple comparison and your staffing agency will be reviewed along with others in the same field.

3. Just a List vs a High Powered Showcase for Staffing Agencies
Glassdoor only provides reviews of the business- and mostly negative and hurtful reviews for a business whihc has no control over who is going to review them or why.

By highlighting the customers of a staffing agency, OnContracting helps staffing agencies in marketing their biggest strength- their client list. Now when job seekers or potential clients research them, they understand the capability of the staffing agency much better because for a staffing agency, their client list can tell a lot more about the staffing agency than facts and reviews.

4. No Complaints or Poor Reviews
Large companies with great employee pay and benefits harness favorable reviews from their satisfied and happy employees. Staffing agencies on the other hand don't control many of the decisions that affect the contractors and face the brunt of the contractor's wrath on Glassdoor.

It is no surprise that most staffing agencies have low review scores on Glassdoor and mostly feature complaints and opinions about how greedy, unethical or clueless staffing agencies or their recruiters are, how they didn't hear back from the agency or that the agency did not find them a job. Many reviews are from dissatisfied contractors or even competitors which make these reviews questionable. Glassdoor and Yelp don't allow the agencies to dispute these bad reviews and they remain there tarnishing their image and as a consequence most staffing agencies give up on fighting this battle and don't bother engaging on such platforms. We want to change that.

Staffing agencies also can be assured that OnContractin would never let negative reviews of their business on the site as it is a staffing friendly business. We disallow negative reviews of an agency. OnContracting is building a community that works for contractors and staffing agencies. We believe in the value and service staffing agencies provide and understand the challenges they face. We want staffing agencies to feel safe and respected and so we give all staffing agencies a baseline score of 5/10 just for being in the staffing business and the rating goes up from there. Consider that this is what Facebook and LinkedIn do by only allowing 'Likes' and not having a 'Dislike' button, so its not new.

So if you are a Staffing Agency, Temp agency or a Consulting company that is looking for an affordable alternative to Glassdoor (or Yelp) to increase your online presence, staffing website's SEO or recruiting and marketing efforts, give us a call. 650 503 4665


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