Employer Branding for Staffing Agencies

Sep 13th, 2015
Employer Branding for Staffing Agencies

Candidates and hiring managers get numerous calls and emails from staffing and consulting companies. Recruiters call job seekers to see if they are available. Sales people call clients to check if they are hiring. If these reach outs are not timely or appropriate, it can be frustrating, time consuming and a waste of time for everyone.

Smart staffing agencies have figured out how to use the Internet to improve their marketing and cut through the noise. They realize their audience uses the Internet to get a quick answer for what they need- when they need it and where to go for it. This makes Employer Branding very important for service oriented businesses like staffing agencies. Decisions to use them are being made without waiting for them and without talking to them, and based solely on their staffing brand.

Staffing agencies can benefit by improving their employment agency branding. Branding offers a better Return on Investments (ROI) on marketing dollars compared to any other option like sales, marketing, operations improvement, internal tools or customer service. It helps staffing agencies attract more business and their product - talented contractors.

As a curator for staffing agency brands, and based on our own experience talking to thousands of contractors and clients, we've come up with the essential List of Top 5 Branding Tactics to start building your Staffing Agency Employer Brand. Here they are

1.       Staffing Company Website

This is table stakes for staffing agency branding. Don't call a customer until you set one up as they are going to look you up and if you don't have one, they are not going to be very trusting of your capabilities. It is very inexpensive to get a website and manage it yourself these days and there's no reason to not have one.  Here are some tips and resources on how to build your staffing agency website from the basic to expensive options.

Self-Service Web Hosting Sites: Self-services sites like www.wix.com or www.squarespace.com  offer easy self-service way to do this and some even have templates for staffing agencies/consulting companies that you can set up in 30 min (starting at $10/month).

Example- Here is an example www.mountainviewstaffing.com we helped with. This website has helped the agency get a steady inflow of inquiries and new business even though it only has a few static pages. 

Leverage Online Freelancer Marketplaces: If you don’t have the resources to hire a graphic designer to design a logo or a content writer to write a few good things about your company, you can hire contractors on sites like www.fiverr.com . They can do minor tasks like designing a logo or making an infographic for $5-$20 a task. If you have more budget and have a good idea of what you want and can select freelancers yourself, you could try and find offshore freelancers on www.upwork.com for $5-$25/hr.

Custom Staffing Agency Website Builders: If you are a bigger staffing company with a budget of $10-20K, you could engage web design shops that specialize in building custom websites for staffing agencies like Staffing Robot (Portland) or Haley Marketing (NY). 

2.       Staffing Agency’s profile on social platforms and industry directories

Not everyone will find your staffing agency through your website. So you need to have a presence on all channels that your audience may be on and might be researching jobs or staffing agencies- Google Local, Yelp, Linkedin, Twitter, Glassdoor.

Staffing Agency Directory- You definitely want to get listed on www.oncontracting.com (disclaimer- our site) as we list only the best staffing agencies to work for at Fortune 1000 clients and are the only site focused on contract jobs at clients, staffing agencies and contractors in your specific city. The low fee will pay for itself in no time.

3.       Online Reputation

Don't be an engaged employer- Track everything being said about your company using Google Alerts and on online review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed and Yelp. Our recommendation is unintuitive and different for staffing agencies than for regular companies. We recommend staffing agencies to not respond to online complaints as staffing agencies are services business and often can't control why a contractor or client is upset, so it is best to not engage. Read more about why not to be an engaged employer here.

Instead get listed as a staffing agency with OnContracting.com- As a staffing friendly platform OnContracting realizes that Staffing Agencies are unique. We also realize the online complaints don't really add much value and have become a bullying mechanism. We therefore don't allow negative reviews of staffing agencies on our site. So you can be assured that by listing on OnContracting's employment agency directory you have one less thing to worry about.

4.      Improve your Staffing Agency's website SEO

Google has made it easy for small staffing agencies to be discovered as easily as the largest staffing agencies. However, to make your site rank better on Google search you need to increase your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes. https://www.oncontracting.com/article/how-to-improve-staffing-agency-website-seo-ranking-marketing.html

Link Building: The easy way to do this is to get inbound links from reputed websites. You can do this by getting covered by your local newspaper, getting listed on your chamber of commerce website, local business directory, college website as a source of jobs for newly graduating students, etc.

Check your inbound links from sites like https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ and grade your current website using tools like https://marketing.grader.com/

PS. Don't buy links from brokers on the Internet as these often hurt once Google discovers these sites and then penalizes you for having a link from them.

Bonus for OnContracting subscribers: Are you a staffing agency with a Fortune 1000 client? See if you are listed under your client at http://www.oncontracting.com/client/index You get a powerful backlink from us if you are and you are a subscriber.

5.       Be Friendly, Be Reachable and Be Helpful

Make it easy for job seekers and clients to reach you through phone and email. Be friendly and avoid using generic emails like careers@xyz-staffing-agency.com. Instead, have profiles of recruiters and sales people in your company- their background, what they do, and their email addresses. This inspires a lot more confidence than a bland website with generic information that says nothing about you.   

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