Staffing MSP for Small Mid Market Business

Nov 14th, 2016
Staffing MSP for Small Mid Market Business

Large companies have the advantage of using MSP and VMSs to hire contractors from staffing agencies as they have the necessary high volume of requirements to justify the costs. The benefits they get include- picking from a selection of the best staffing agencies, spend transparency and hiring efficiency due to the VMS, and quick response times due to MSPs driving the staffing suppliers to perform.

Small and mid market businesses lose out because their low volumes do not justify a dedicated MSP or VMS. OnContracting has a solution for this. We’re now offering the world’s first MSP for small and medium-sized business in Silicon Valley. As the leading staffing agency directory in US, we already track the best staffing suppliers, and our community tells us which suppliers are the best, for what skills, and in which cities. As a candidate and staffing friendly service, we are uniquely positioned to help small businesses get the same benefits that the larger companies do.

Just send us your requirements and we’ll get the world’s best staffing agencies to work on your reqs. If you are a staffing agency that services the SF Bay area and want to increase your business from our MSP, just get in touch and let us know what kind of skills you provide and we’ll connect you with a new stream of clients.

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