Best Software for Staffing Agencies

Mar 7th, 2017
Best Software for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies have a different workflow and business process in hiring contingent workers than client companies hiring for full-time employees. With that in mind here are OnContracting’s recommendations on the best software suites, websites, web applications and SAAS for staffing agencies by category. Looking for the best of breed solutions for staffing software? These are best in class software stack used by the top temp staffing agencies and employment agencies.


Sourcing solutions- Leaders for resume database to find candidates for contract jobs Monster may have died for its most ardent fans- beaten up by Linkedin and Indeed, but it lives under the Randstad umbrella. It remains the #1 source for mid and entry level resumes for the widest category of workers- from IT to labor. When you are looking for a job desperately this is the place job seekers post thier resume first. - A long ways from it bb days Dice has been the ultimate resource for tech resumes. IT currently caters mostly to technical candidates still- software engineers, system engineers, etc, but most of the jobs are contract jobs. A lot of them the same job posted by multiple staffing agencies. - Careerbuilder is Monster's twin. Lost in its old ways, but still chugging along selling subscriptions to its candidate database. Entry to mid level candidates - The Big Blue Monster started as a online contact list and grew into a public resume database. Currently the only legitimate site to find any professional. Does not work for industrial or labor markets.


Job Distribution- Post job and attract candidates for contract jobs Although Indeed has moved from being just a job aggregator to being a job board and resume database like everybody else, their simple and fast website made it a joy to use for job seekers. Their cpc model is yet to convince users because it is hard to filter out and customers have to pay even for bad applicants. Most staffing companies just lookup candidates on Indeed and then connect with them on Linkedin. Up and comer Zip Recruiter rocked the job space by coming up with an innovative model. They took advantage of the 1,000 or so job boards that let you post jobs for free. By offering companies to distribute thier jobs for free on these sites, they saved companies time and got them candidates for a very low cost. Still haven't managed to break into staffing as staffing agencies prefer outreach to candidates rather than posting jobs.


Applicant Tracking Systems for staffing agencies


Used by staffing agencies to store resumes, track candidates through the lifecycle these tools are generally disliked by recruiters. Mostly because of the effort it takes to enter data, keep updating records and still find most data out of date since people keep moving all the time- and never tell the staffing agency about it. However staffing agencies like to have something to keep as their proprietary database of candidates or how else are they going to differentiate themselves?


Resume Parsing software

If you decide to go your own route with parsing resumes instead of the ATS route, you'll be dealing with one of these resume parsing services.


Job Distribution and Advertising for Staffing Agencies

Just like search engine marketers and SEO agencies, these recruitment advertising agencies promote staffing agency's jobs to sites outside of jobboards (think facebook, NYTimes, etc.) because the best people are happily employed and not looking for jobs on job boards.


Freelance Marketplaces for Staffing Agencies

Creatives don't normally seek 40 hrs/week contract jobs as they want to work as freelancers- on multiple projects at the same time, remotely, and on their terms. However sometimes they are short of projects and do look for contract jobs. Staffing agencies find these freelancers on freelance marketplaces like these. for everything for offshore and cheap software, ui designers, virtual admin, data entry, market research - for designers - for lawyers - for local handymen or errand runners - for local handymen, photographers, landscapers, etc. - for baby sitters, dog sitters, etc.


Employer Branding for staffing agencies

Staffing Agencies don't generally have a good name. Workers see them as rent seekers taking a cut of their pay at best and clueless people that can't find them a job if they don't help them. Most employer review sites reflect these poor opinions. So they could really use some friendly sites to give them a bit of help in improving their reputation. This site is the most wellknown but focuses on fulltime jobs and is an expensive option for most staffing agencies (disclosure- thats us)- The leading staffing agency directory in the US has helped thousands find contract jobs by connecting them with the right staffing agency. Only allows positive reviewss of agencies.


Vendor Management software VMS for staffing agencies

These software systems are selected by client companies and staffing agencies don't usually have a choice with them. However if staffing agencies wish to sign up with these firms, they may add you to their long waiting lists.

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