The Best Staffing Agency Directory

Feb 18th, 2017
The Best Staffing Agency Directory

We started because the staffing industry sorely lacks a publicly accessible staffing agency directory that lists the most relevant staffing agencies, temp agencies, employment agencies, recruiting agencies or executive recruiters- with real and usable information that a job seeker can benefit from.

Contingent workers including temps, consultants, independent contractors and freelancers constitute up to 50% of the workforce in most companies. Companies are increasingly using different outsourced models from direct staffing agencies, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), consulting firms in SOW models of project staffing, turnkey outsourcing, RPOs and PEOs. This fragmentation of service providers makes it impossible for a job seeker to figure out who they should be talking to find a contract job.

Current career resources ignore this space because it is a hard problem to solve and is not as lucrative. Job boards are focused on getting paid for job listings or selling expensive subscriptions to access their resume databases. Recruitment advertising firms use marketing techniques to extract more money from job advertisers. Staffing agency websites contain high level marketing talk about culture and customer friendliness. Review sites have become complaint boards filled with one-off individual bad experiences and no relevant information of how to actually find a contract job. aims to solve this problem. As the only employment agency directory geared towards onsite contractors, we offer job seekers a simple way to identify which staffing agencies are the best for them based on their skills, locations and which client companies they want to work with.

Staffing Agencies by Skills

Unlike Yelp, which (mainly caters to restaurants and salons) features employment agencies as one big category,  OnContracting makes sense of staffing agencies based on skills. Yelp's list of agencies deal in Clerical and Admin jobs. However Fortune 1000 companies hire temp workers in all categories of work – from production workers, to marketers to highly skilled software engineers. They employ different staffing agencies for each of these skills. OnContracting help you make sense of these by categorizing staffing agencies by high level categories like Marketing, HR, Software, Admin or Manufacturing. This helps prevent a software engineer from calling an Admin staffing agency and vice versa.



Staffing Agencies by Location

Staffing is dominated by a few large multinational brands for the most general categories like Industrial, Warehousing and Office Admin. However as the number of skills and locations for contract workers expanded, so did staffing agencies that specialize in certain locations or skills. Currently the best staffing agency for niche categories is most likely not one of the major staffing agencies. So how is a job seeker or a client going to find such an agency? This is where comes in and helps level the playing field so smaller niche staffing agencies in smaller cities can get discovered as easily.


Staffing Agencies by Client Companies

While most contract job seekers are looking for the quickest way to get into a job, they may not be succeeding by applying to hundreds of jobs on job boards. That is because many of these jobs are not real and just a way for staffing agencies to collect resumes proactively and use up their free job postings. It is therefore better for job seekers to know which companies might most likely need someone like them and find the staffing agency that places contractors there. For example if you are looking to work as a factory worker at Tesla, you might want to know that West Valley staffing and Volt are the staffing agencies that place workers there. If you want to work as a Test Engineer at Apple, you probably want to talk to Teksystems and so on. Searching for a contract job by reverse searching from client company to staffing agency to recruiter offers candidates a much better result on their time investment than blindly applying to jobs or sending emails to recruiters.

We hope this explains a bit of why we care deeply about creating the best staffing agency directory on the planet. While we are focused in the US, this problem occurs worldwide in the estimated $600B worldwide staffing industry market hurting millions of workers worldwide. aims to bring transparency into the worldwide staffing industry to help jobseekers, staffing agencies and clients find each other quickly and more efficiently.

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