How to find an India-based recruiting RPO company

Aug 26th, 2017
How to find an India-based recruiting RPO company

India based recruiting and staffing firms have captured a large portion of the US staffing and recruiting market. How can you find the best ones to work for you? OnContracting is the first staffing directory to help you find the best India based RPO firms for contract and fulltime hiring.

We often get questions from local staffing agencies and clients asking for referrals to smaller staffing agencies that do candidate sourcing and recruiting for their competing staffing firms. So we've now created a new category of staffing and recruiting firm for each client. We now list Indian recruiting firms that work as Tier 2 subvendors to large consulting companies like Accenture, Infosys, TCS, HCL, Deloitte, TekSystems, etc. These could be small India based independent contractors, niche recruiting firms or large staffing agencies.

So for example if a subvendor works for Mindlance at Apple, they would be listed under Apple as a Tier 2/India RPO agency. It won't say which agency they subscontract through but you can be assured that they have the recruiting skills to hire the kind of contractors that Apple is interested in. We'll also maintain a list of the best India based Recruiting/RPO firms here.


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