How to Register with Staffing Agencies

Jul 19th, 2016
How to Register with Staffing Agencies

Contracting, Consulting or Temp staffing is a great way to get your foot in the door at your dream company. But how do you find these gigs?  According to the American Staffing Association, there are 17,000 staffing agencies in the US that place over 12M contractors every year at client companies. Then there are an equal number of consulting companies. However, most of these agencies' seem the same, their websites are all generic and you can never get a hold of a recruiter. Additionally, most job seekers have never heard of these staffing agencies and it is cumbersome and time consuming to find and contact all of them, see if they can help you and if they are a good fit for you.
OnContracting makes it easy to register with the most appropriate staffing agencies. We’ve created the largest directory of staffing agencies, along with who their clients are and what skills they hire. So if you are tired of applying on job boards, calling agencies or connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn with no success, follow our tips on how to register with the best staffing agencies.

 Tip 1.      Know whether you are talking to a staffing, recruiting and consulting company- They are different

Although all these companies fall under the employment agency umbrella they are different and trying to do diffeent things for different clients and different kinds of job seekers.

  • Staffing agencies focus on contract and temp jobs. They hire on client's short term needs and need to find someone quickly. Their bar is usually lower but their projects are shorter. There are all types of staffing agencies- small, large, niche, general, labor, hi tech, etc.

  • Recruiting agencies or Executive Placement Agencies focus on fulltime/permanent hires. They usually help clients in identifying potential full-time employees. Their bar is higher and the time to get a job from them is usually longer.

  • Consulting companies do projects for clients on a Statement of Work (SOW). They usually hire people on fulltime or contract depending on the length of the project which is usually in between a temp contract and a fulltime job.

Each of these agencies looks for different things and hire differently. You need to find the one that suits you best. For example, a consulting company will hire you for longer projects and in exchange will expect you to stay longer. They will also hire keeping in mind whether they can deploy you after the project, so they will look for broader skills.

 Tip 2.      Client companies hire only from their preferred vendor lists

Fortune 1000 companies have preferred vendor lists that they use exclusively when hiring contractors. If you want to work as a contractor at a specific company, search for that company on our companies hiring contractors list (or in the search box above). We're the only website that lets you discover the preferred staffing agencies for any Fortune 1000 company. Once you have figured out the right agency for you, go to the recruiter tab and connect with the most appropriate recruiter.

 Tip 3.      Applying to Multiple Agencies increases your Chances

Even at the same client company, register with as many of the best staffing agencies as possible because you never know who will have the right position for you. Often staffing companies will have relationships with managers within those client companies giving them an inside track to positions that may not be available to all the vendors. You can get picked up for such gigs only if you have registered with them.

Tip 4.      Sometimes the worst staffing agency may find you the best job.

Staffing agencies get their reqs from various sources. Sometimes its pure luck that the hiring company called them and sometimes its just that they proved to be good for their client and delivered a great candidate. So sometimes even the agency with the worst reputation or appearance can bring you a great opportunity. So be open and don't blow off an agency just because they don't have a fancy staffing website or the recruiter spoke in a foreign accent.


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