Finding the Best Employment Agencies

May 24th, 2016
Finding the Best Employment Agencies

The world of work is changing rapidly and a good employment agency may be your best friend. While low end gigs are getting easier to find thanks to numerous new on-demand apps for drivers, delivery, shopping, laundry, pet sitters, etc. real work that pays a decent wage for 40 hrs a week with benefits and some job security are getting harder to find. Companies too are realizing that it is cheaper and easier to hire and fire contractors than fulltime employees- so why bother with long hiring cycles, training, retention, benefits when you can get workers just as easily as contractors.

As a job seeker this makes it harder for you to break in- especially if you don't havea  stellar background, education or work experience. Many new entrants to the job market are discovering contract jobs as a good way to get some experience, make some money and still get assured work in an office instead of runnig around doing other people's errands. However finding an employment agency is not easy as there are thousands of firms and they all claim to be the best and what not.

Here's our suggestions to finding the best employment agency for you.
1. Check out OnContracting's list of the best hiring companies in your city Click on the company you wish to work at see which agency staffs contract positions that you fit. Contact them.
2. Once you figure out the best staffing agencies in the directory- research them at
3. Create your profile so recruiters can reach to you directly or hiring managers can decide to review, interview and hire you from our platform too

Good luck.

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